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AdiLight-2 activates Adipose-Derived Stem Cells through photomodulation (read more). It is also used in autologous platelet rich plasma preparations as it modulates cytokine release from monocytes.

AdiLight-2 has been developed in Australia.

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No Staff Training Required for Using AdiLight-2 in PRP Procedures

Neither PRP practitioners nor staff need undergo training to use AdiLight-2 as it is merely an additional step in any current PRP procedure. AdiLight-2 may be purchased through a local “Reseller” in your territory, through this website, or through a Distributor appointed in your country.

For stem cell treatments, practitioners will need to be trained (or be in the process of preparing to be trained) in this procedure to be able to purchase AdiLight-2. Please contact us to check the nearest and next available training session in your medical area of interest.

Notice to US-Based Clients: Due to regulatory issues, not all information provided on this website is applicable to the United States. AdiStem Pty. Ltd. is in the process of obtaining US FDA Regulatory Clearance for AdiLight-2 and AdiStem Sterile Blood Collection Tubes. AdiStem intends to market these products in the US for the preparation of Platelet-Rich-Plasma upon receiving Clearance to Market from the FDA.